The Grand Master MWBro. Thomas Firth Jackson and a delegation of Grand Officers were present for this very special occasion .He was accompanied by a galaxy of District officers including RWBro. David Malcolm Cordell, District Grand Prefect Yorkshire District and RWBro. Mervyn Wilson who is the District Grand Prefect for East Lancashire but also the first Master of the new council – Saddleworth Council No 281

Thomas Jackson The Grand Master flanked by the consecrating team

The Council was consecrated in fine style by Thomas Jackson and the team following which Mervyn was installed as it’s very first Master by David Cordell. Mervyn then proceed to invest his officers for the first year.

On the conclusion of the ceremony the Grand Officers formed a procession and were joined at the festive board by all of the members and officers of the new council.

The Grand Master (centre) with David Cordell (left) and Mervyn Wilson (right) flanked by the members of Saddleworth Counci

Who is doing what?

Details of where you can take one of the degrees:

Herbert Barrington Slater will be doing a Grand High Priest on 13th July

Goulburn Council will be doing Red cross of Babylon on 16th March

David Lamb will be doing Grand Tylers of Solomon on April 17th

Dates of up and coming meetings:

The next  District Team Visit is on Tue 21st May to Constitution Council, Accrington, all members are invited to attend and support the our District Grand Prefect and his team of officers.

The 2019 District meeting will now take place on Saturday 7th September at Rochdale. Please note this is a date change from the previously announced date of September 14th.